Lantern Moon Baskets

Lantern Moon Baskets.

These baskets are available in four colours: natural, blueberry, cranberry and eggplant. They are multi-use baskets hand woven from naturally occurring and sustainably harvested reeds in a small village in Vietnam. They are not produced in a factory, and are made the same way they have been, for hundreds of years. The reeds are dyed in the village and woven by the artisans in their homes. When baskets are completed, they ship directly to Lantern Moon. We have the small size in stock (14″ diameter) at an introductory price of:

$24 US/Can

Both ways this unique rice basket can be used.

Lauren Uzu

Uzu Fiber bag with reinforced seems, with two pockets and wooden handles.

Yarn Caddy

Uzu fiber and black cotton on a wooden frame.