RED Lace circular knitting needles have extremely pointy points comparable to Signature Stilettos.

The cables and joins are superior to Addi Turbos.

The cable is stainless steel wire coated in nylon and it comes out of the package nearly straight. No more dunking your cables in near boiling liquid to straighten them out!


  • Made of the highest quality stainless steel.
  • Precisely machined tips and joins.
  • Flexible, multi-strand, nylon-coated steel cable.
  • Ergonomically designed to ease hand fatigue.
  • Needle size is laser imprinted on each RED Lace circular.

Knitters Pride Needles
We carry all sets from Knitter’s Pride, and even sample sets for you to try out how the interchangeables feel. Find out what suits you and your knitting needs.  Come in and talk to our knowledgeable staff.

We carry the Cubics line of needles which are the most amazing square needles. Uniquely square needles help with arthritis pain, the soft edges of the needles allow you to comfortably feel the needles in your hands as your using them. Since these special needles are mad out of birch wood, your stitches won’t slide off your stitches won’t slide off expectantly. These intriguing square needles are a must try, you’ll fall in love.

Symfonie Rose interchangeable needles are amazing wood needles that make knitting with any yarn easy. These interchangeable needles come in a unique case that allows for practical and classy storage.

You’ve never seen an interchangeable needle sets like these before. Knitter’s Pride creates a variety of interchangeable needle sets that have a smooth seamless join that makes you feel like you’re knitting with regular needles.

Need an extra cord length, end point, stopper? We’ll make it easy for you, contact Elizabeth to find out if just the item you need for your Knitter’s Pride interchangeable kit is available for you.