Winter 2019. Another great Knit-A-Long!!
Note the Monthly Trunk Show will be Saturday Jan 19th. Mad Science is something you won’t want to miss.

Autumn 2018. Classes that can’t be missed.
Fall 2018 (PDF)

Spring 2018 is here. Come see what we have in store for the season.
Spring 2018 (PDF)

Let’s Ring in 2018 with new classes
Winter 2017 (PDF)

150 Canadian Summers, see what we’ve got in store!
Summer 2017 (PDF)

Canada is celebrating it’s 150th birthday this year and we’ve got lots going on in store to help celebrate. Check out the latest newsletter for all the details, and check the Events page for all our upcoming classes and events.

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Spring is just around the corner!
Spring 2017 (PDF)

Our little warm spell was cut short by the cold snap this morning, reminding us that while Spring is right around the corner there’s still lots of time for our woolen wears. We’ve got some great classes coming up again this month as well as a back room full of sales. Check out the latest newsletter for all the details, and check the Events page for all our upcoming classes and events.

ElizaKnits Spring Newsletter Page 1 ElizaKnits Spring Newsletter Page 2 ElizaKnits Spring Newsletter Page 3 ElizaKnits Spring Newsletter Page 4 ElizaKnits Spring Newsletter Page 5

Christmas Time is Near
November, December 2016 (PDF)

Where Has The Time Gone? Christmas is less than a month away. Have you finished all your shopping & knitting? We have some unique and interesting gifts for your knitting friends. Or maybe you have a wish list to share. Fill in a registry card and your friends and family will know exactly what you would like to find under the tree Christmas morning.

ElizaKnits_Nov-Dec_2016 Page 1 ElizaKnits_Nov-Dec_2016 Page 2 ElizaKnits_Nov-Dec_2016 Page 3 ElizaKnits_Nov-Dec_2016 Page 4

Fall is here!
September, October, November 2016 (PDF)

It’s almost the end of September and time to snuggle into all sorts of warm things again. What are you knitting this season? We’ve got some new classes coming up this fall to help give you some amazing ideas.

SeptOct_newsletter_2016_page_01 SeptOct_newsletter_2016_page_02 SeptOct_newsletter_2016_page_03
SeptOct_newsletter_2016_page_04 SeptOct_newsletter_2016_page_05 SeptOct_newsletter_2016_page_06

Summer brings sun and sales!
June, July, August 2016 (PDF)

Somehow summer is slipping past us since it’s already July!  The Lakeside Yarn Crawl is started so come by and get your passport. We’ve got the limited run of hand dyed “Lakeside Yarn” by Dragon Strings (Annika) so be sure to come in for that as well.

JuneJulyAug_2016_newsletter_Page_1 JuneJulyAug_2016_newsletter_Page_2 JuneJulyAug_2016_newsletter_Page_3 JuneJulyAug_2016_newsletter_Page_4

Spring into action with colours and lace
March, April, May 2016 (PDF)

Spring is here which means the warmer weather is right around the corner, and a new newsletter!  We’ve got new yarns coming in, more patterns, and new classes.

march may 2016 newsletter 01 march may 2016 newsletter 02 march may 2016 newsletter 03 march may 2016 newsletter 04

New Year, New Newletter
January/February 2016 (PDF)

We’ve got lots of classes planned for February, plus some patterns for your own pleasure.

jan feb 2016 newsletter 01 jan feb 2016 newsletter 02 jan feb 2016 newsletter 03 jan feb 2016 newsletter 04

Christmas is Coming Newsletter
November/December/January (PDF)

Christmas is right around the corner and we’ve got some great new patterns and yarn in the store to help you with your holiday gift ideas.  Our Wednesday night drop ins classes are all free to attend with the option for a donation.  All of these donations for the year go towards the Christmas Cheer Fund.  Check out the newsletter to find all about our goals and how we’re trying to help again this holiday season.

nov dec jan 2015 2016 newsletter 01 nov dec jan 2015 2016 newsletter 02 nov dec jan 2015 2016 newsletter 03 nov dec jan 2015 2016 newsletter 04

Fall back into Knitting Newsletter
September/October (PDF)

September is here which means back to school, and the return of the newsletter. This month started off humid but the fall weather is getting closer and we’ve got a new arrival of yarns just in time. We had a great run of classes this summer with more to go throughout the fall.

2015_fall_page01 2015_fall_page02 2015_fall_page03
2015_fall_page04 2015_fall_page05

Just in time for Summer Newsletter
July/August (PDF)

Only a couple days into the summer and the newsletter’s ready!  We know summer is about relaxing, but we’ve got lots to keep you busy with as well.  There’s more great classes coming up, as well as a yarn crawl and … knitted knockers??

July Aug 2015 newsletter page01 July Aug 2015 newsletter page02 July Aug 2015 newsletter page03
July Aug 2015 newsletter page04 July Aug 2015 newsletter page05 July Aug 2015 newsletter page06
July Aug 2015 newsletter page07 July Aug 2015 newsletter page08 July Aug 2015 newsletter page09

Supposedly Spring Newsletter
April/May/June (PDF).

I know we kinda slacked off a bit on getting this up here but April has been one of those unpredictable crazy months. The weather has no idea and we took a bit of sabbatical from classes. Well it’s almost May and we’re back at it! Featuring Dragon Strings, classes with Deb, who has been hanging out at the store more often, and our patented you pick classes!

april thru June 2015 newsletter _Page_1 april thru June 2015 newsletter _Page_2 april thru June 2015 newsletter _Page_3
april thru June 2015 newsletter _Page_4 april thru June 2015 newsletter _Page_5 april thru June 2015 newsletter _Page_6

How did we get to 2015 already?!?

There are lots of new changes, we invite you to come and see!
January/February/March Newsletter (PDF)

JFM 2015 newsletter pg1 JFM 2015 newsletter pg2 JFM 2015 newsletter pg3 JFM 2015 newsletter pg4 JFM 2015 newsletter pg5

Happy Late Fall!

It’s the time of year where we break out the knit socks and warm Autumn sweaters, add a couple of cozy infinity scarves, and a toque for good measure.
Preparing for holiday knitting presents, and treating yourself to new techniques is what Autumn is all about. Come see what we’re offering.
Autumn 2014 Newsletter

nov dec 2014 newsletter _Page_1 nov dec 2014 newsletter _Page_2 nov dec 2014 newsletter _Page_3 nov dec 2014 newsletter _Page_4 nov dec 2014 newsletter _Page_5

It’s September and we’re jumping the gun with a September/October Newsletter because we’re open on Tuesday’s again and very excited. We are featuring more classes with guest teachers, Loree with Felting, Monika with Machine Knitting, Deb with Mittens/Mitlets, Lyn with Dye to Knit, and more.

sept october 2014_Page_1 sept october 2014_Page_2 sept october 2014_Page_3 sept october 2014_Page_4 sept october 2014_Page_5

Late Summer 2014 Newsletter is here. As most of you know we made a smooth transition to our new location right after Canada Day. August features our 3rd Anniversary, we would like to thank all of our customers and friends for coming out and helping us grow and become what we are today. September features new classes, guest teachers, and rebooting from the summer months.

Late Summer News 2014 Pg1 Aug Sept 2014_Page_2 Aug Sept 2014_Page_3 Aug Sept 2014_Page_4
Aug Sept 2014_Page_5 Aug Sept 2014_Page_6 Aug Sept 2014_Page_7

Summer Newsletter is BIG! After a lot of consideration we are moving in July. We are excited to offer more space, specialty classes, and better parking.

Summer News pg1 Summer News pg2 Summer News pg3 Summer News pg4

Spring’s Newsletter is here. We have exciting news about Yarn Bombing, the YarnOver SleepOver Retreat, and a sneak peak at a New Book coming out this Summer.

april may 2014_Page_1 april may 2014_Page_2 april may 2014_Page_3 april may 2014_Page_4 april may 2014_Page_5

Winter’s Newsletter is here. We’re hosting more Saturday and even a Sunday class, you won’t want to miss these classes by Elizabeth.

Winter News 1.2013 Winter News 2.2013 Winter News 3.2013 Winter News 4.2013

Fall’s Newsletter has been released and you won’t want to miss the new additions to our class schedule.

Fall News 1 Fall News Page 2 Fall News Page 3 Fall News Page 4