Hello Knitting enthusiasts,

We love to make things easy for you and us! Below is a list of all the different weight yarn that we carry in store. When you click on the weight that you’re looking for, we like to show you which name brand yarn we carry. By categorizing our yarns like this, you don’t have to look through endless list of different weight yarns that just won’t work for your project.
We found a great guide for yarn weights, gauges, and labels, when changing the yarn on the project! Handy Yarn Gauge


Lace Weight

4 Ply / Fingering Weight 27-32sts

3Ply / Sport Weight 23-26sts

Double Knitting Weight 24-21sts

Aran / Worsted Weight 16-20sts

Bulky Weight 12-15sts

Super Chunky Weight 6-11sts

Fashion Yarn